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Sandre's Story

I’m a hairstylist of 30 years. I love doing crafts and gardening. And I love my children and my grandchildren.

My mother got cervical cancer but through getting a Pap test she was caught in the very early stages. Today she’s a survivor of six or seven years. She’s doing well and all of us kids and grandkids are very happy that this type of testing is available, because if it wasn’t, she might not be here today.

I would say to anybody that’s hesitating to not be afraid, to not be ashamed, and to ask for help. Every woman deserves to live longer, have happier lives and to be with their kids and to be with their spouse or loved ones, anyone, friends. She deserves it and so do they.

It’s very important, I think, for every woman to get a mammogram and a Pap test. It changes your world.

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