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Neil's Story

I had none of the symptoms of, or risk factors for, colon cancer, and I did not think I could afford a colonoscopy. So I was lucky I got screened when I did. They found Stage II cancer, and it has taken some great doctors, several surgeries and chemotherapy to treat it successfully. If I had waited any longer, who knows what would have happened.

My brothers were squeamish about getting screened, but my example showed them how important it is. So, now they have gotten scoped, too.

Today I look forward to doing things again that I used to love, like hiking and skiing. Working at a hospital, I see a lot of health problems that could be prevented with screening. I also hear about the stigma of getting a colonoscopy. But I am here to tell you, it is one thing you can not afford not to do. Most insurance plans cover it, and you may even qualify for a free screening.

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