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Lisa's Story

I’m here to talk about how important a program like this is, for people just like me. There is a lot of cancer in my family. My mother had uterine cancer. She had part of her colon removed. She died from uterine cancer. My father died from lung cancer. My sister has had breast cancer. Some of my family members felt healthy before they found out they had cancer.

My mother died when she was seventy. Actually, she was 72. My father died when he was seventy. I know that my mother’s story would have been different had she had the proper screening. I can’t tell you the last time I had a pap test.

It’s been years. It’s been years because I didn’t have insurance, I was unemployed for a while and I thought – I’ll just do it next month, when I have the money, or the month after that. And I kept putting it off. I’m smart. I know better than that. And I still put it off and put it off. I called. I made the appointment. I had the screening. I’m fine. I have peace of mind.

I would recommend this to everyone I know.

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