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Andrea's Story

I went to have a regular mammogram. And the doctor found a small spot. Because my doctor was very reassuring, comforting and knowledgeable, I was able to know exactly what the next step would be and then I wasn't afraid anymore. It was affordable. I was closely monitored. And through the whole process I…

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Personal Stories

Real reasons from real Maine people

If you've been putting off scheduling a Mammogram, you've probably got a reason. So did the real Maine women featured here. But if you watch their videos or read their stories, we think you'll agree that there are many more good reasons to get screened — most importantly, it can save your life!

Andrea Cesario, Portland Sandre Swails, Portland

News & Events

Maine CDC Reminds Women of the Importance of Mammograms

October 13, 2015 Maine CDC Reminds Women of the Importance of Mammograms AUGUSTA – During 2015, it is… More >>

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